We’re Hungry for Victory – A Sixth Mens’ Basketball National Championship!

 Flashback to 2002 – – –

     The Indiana Hurrying Hoosiers under the leadership of Coach Mike Davis surprise the world by advancing to “March Madness’ Final Four.”

  Flashback to 1987 – – –

    With the legendary Bob Night as coach, Indiana University wins its fifth national championship since the first one in 1940.

     Other championships were earned in 1953 (the year I was born), 1976 (the year I graduated from I.U. with the likes of Quinn Buckner, Tom Abernathy, Scott May [Big Ten Player of the Year], Bob Wilkerson, Jimmy Crews, Joe Kocy, Chris Spiek, Bob Crestani, Pat Walsh, Pete Peterson, and others), 1981 led by Isaah Thomas, and 1987.

    The 2011-2012 Tom Crean Team is good enough to win it all. Great coaching staff, good upperclassmen leadership, and phenomenal play by sophs and one very talented freshman #40!!!

     Go I.U. fight, fight, fight!!!

 = = = = = = = = =

copyright MMXII

Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC –  Woodside, Calif.

David A. Dailey Publishing –  Hooterville, Indiana

 [ for musement only ]


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