Music and Spiritual Movements

Such religious experiences are beyond reason and scientific explanations. It is almost like sitting around a fire with a dozen Indians ingesting peyote buttons.


Though we are within a 22-mile radius of Bean Blossom’s Annual Bluegrass Festival, we are jus’ ‘chillin’ on the ranch. The bluegrass tunes on the stereo are on high, concert-level volume and acts like Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys come back to life.

In reality, an observer could remark that we are just a bunch of Indianans stoned in front of a bonfire. The hallucinations are novel, amusing, fun, funny, and puzzling at all the same time.

The heat of the summer has recently chilled down and there is a fresh steady breeze coming over from the southwest.

You could see two sets of clouds:

  1. The high flying white puffy cumulous,  and
  2. The secondhand reefer clouds of gray smoke.

It is wonderful taking Sundays off.


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