Why Must Such Grave Consequences Occur?!?

David A. Dailey, Publisher, Max’s Scout Services

South College Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana 47401, dadailey@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/David A. Dailey

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Editor of the Bloomington (Indiana) Herald (Telephone) Times:

There comes a time when enough is enough; or injustice just lasts way too long in Middle America. This is embarrassing ironic concerning two Christ-based entities in Bloomington, an area with a world-class university, offering studies in its Schools of Psychology, Law, Medicine, and Public Health.

There is a dog that has been held with pregidist. He and his disabled master emergency housing and service at one Grant Street coffee-house during the week of June 24-July 1. This was also one of the hottest and humid consecutive days in local history! Shall we pray?!?

Frenchy Teddy, a trained and licensed (California) pedigree service-assistance dog may be a victim of “racial profiling.”

These public organizations should be held responsible and prosecuted for American with Disabilities (ADA) Act and civil rights transgressions.

Sincerely, David A. Dailey – B-ton, IN

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