A Fine Inn of Southern Hoosier Hospitality Along State Road Highway 46 Near 446

It is becoming rarer to register into any “No Tell Motel” that exceeds all expectations. Bloomington Indiana’s A Summerhouse Inn is one such place for rest.

Never before have I appreciated a benefit amenity of having no room phone. There are no interruptions and it is set back so far from four-lane East Third Street that road noise cannot be detected. For example, I have involuntarily napped for two consecutive days and one day I was able to sleep 14 hours with only two times up into the private restroom.

Imagine this:

  • Two confortable beds in every rooms
  • Extremely clean linins
  • Extra-ample parking
  • Nightly campfires
  • Responsive and superb maintenance
  • Gas B-B-Q grill
  • Well-maintained swimming pool (about 71 on a 95 degree afternoon)
  • Very safe and secure property
  • Continental breakfast with all but one of the major food groups
  • In-room cable TV
  • Cute logo and symbol (white rocking chairs under the portico
  • Impeccalbe housekeepng
  • Speed boat play area
  • Fishermen neighbors who leave quietly before 0600
  • Very nicely decorated (with antiques) lobby and two large breakfast areas..

Just ask for Shamus, Chase, Emily, or Rebeca.

Relax and sweet dreams!


copyright 2012 – Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC –



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