“Bucket List” with Things to Do in a Big Ten College Town Like Bloomington, Indiana

Students, passersby, guests, I.U. parents, B-Ton townies (“cutters”), and children of ages should plan a three-day vacation to the stunningly beautiful limestone campus in Bloomington, located about 50 miles south-southwest of Indianapolis.

This college town is known as one with the greatest set of conventional and international cousine of restaurants in any American college town. At the very least, popular magazines have placed Bloomington in the top five.


Things to Do In Bloomington Indiana

Three to Four Feedings Per Day

Go out to eat . . .

    •     Mother Bears Pizza Barn on East Third   treet
    •     Café Pizzeria since 1953 at the corner of Grant and Kirkwood
    •     The Farm next to the historic Indiana Theatre
    •     Bruster’s ice cream locations on East and West   Third Street
    •     Trojan Horse across from Courthouse  Square
    •     Knick’s English Pub on East Kirkwood  Avenue
    •     Bruce’s or Ladyman’s Breakfast Restaurants
    •     First Presbyterian Church (Saturday breakfast at 8) at 6th and Lincoln
    •     Taco Bell at Walnut and Seventh Streets
    •     The Runcible Spoon coffeehouse on 6h Street near Dunn
    •     Grazie’s on Walnut Street near 7th Street
    •     Upper Room bar on the second floor of DunkirkCenter on Kirkwood
    •     Bear’s Place on East Third Street
    •     Chase Manhattan or 5th 3rd Bank (free Dum Dum suckers)
    •     The Inn at the Four Winds Resort and Marina
    •     FedEx kinko’s orifice at the Eastgate Shopping Plaza
    •     Chelsea’s Coffee Shop and Bakery west of Rogers

Bureau of Motor Vehicles:  The great State of Indiana on Liberty Drive on B-ton’s westside

Bloomington Transit or Yellow Cab – Call for reservations and have pocket money handy . . .A bus ride one-way is only one buck!

Bloomington Convention Center

  1. Old – South College Street
  2. New – At the Marriot Courtyard Inn

Fontainebleau Nursing Home (on the southside of B-ton)

Bloomington Home and Rehabilitation Center (on East Miller Drive)

Petco at Eastland Plaza off of College Mall Blvd.

Howard’s Bookstore on Kirkwood Avenue between Walnut Street and College Avenue

Caveat Emptor bookstore at 131 North Walnut Street

Andrew Davis men’s store at West Kirkwood Avenue

Laser Tag on East Third Street between Bruster’s and A Summerhouse Inn

Curry (Auto Mall Parkway) or Royal (East Third Street) dealerships

Bloomington Pools including A Summerhouse Inn, Monroe Lake, Griffy Lake, or Lake Lemon

I.U. Art Museum on the stunning limestone campus of the Big Ten

Annette’s Hair Salon (ask for Val) at Williamsburg Village off East Third


  • Emmanuel CommunityChurch on the westside of B-ton
  • First Presbyterian near Lincoln and Fifth 5treet
  • St. Paul’s CatholicCenter on East 17th
  • Galaxy Christian on the S.R. 45-46 Bypass
  • Trinity Church on Kirkwood
  • Blackwell Pentecostal – Chapel Hill Road and S.R. 446

Peoples’ Park

Located across Kirkwood from the Ritz and Killjoy’s

Johnson Creamery

Century Village at Indiana State Road 446 adjacent to Knightridge Manor

*   Century Suites Hotel

*   Bill Brown Insurance Agency

*   WRWR Radio Station at 96.7 FM

*   Chapmans’ Bar, Restaurant, and Banquet Room

Bloomington Antique Mall on 2nd Street west of College Avenue

College Mall near the State Road 46 Bypass

Edwards Square at 3939 East Third Street west of Smith Road

I.U. Art Museum on the stunning limestone campus of the Big Ten

Grant Street B&B Inn located near The Poplars

5th and Rogers Street

FedEx kinko’s orifice at EastgateShopping Center

Kirkwood  Avenue’s Shopping District

a)     East Kirkwood blocks from the University’s Sample Gates

b)    West Kirkwood west of Walnut Street

I.U. Health System’s Bloomington Hospital

CVS 24/7 Pharmacy (there are no Walgreen’s in B-Ton)

I.U. Housing

a)     Wright Quadrangle

b)    House at 711 Matlock Road

c)     House at 611 IndianaState Roads 45/46 Bypass

d)    McNutt Quad (Indy Shuttle Pick-Up Spot)

Bloomington Dog Park (under construction)

Monroe County Library at 333 East Kirkwood Avenue

The Little 500 annual spring bicycle race like “Breaking Away”

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Copyright MMXII – Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC

– d.b.a in Indiana as D. A. D. Publishing & Associates –

– 1509 Arbors Lane – Bloomington, Indiana – 47401

– July 2012 –

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