Stuck at Home this Big Weekend (meow)

My Andrew Jackson (Senior) High School – is at this very moment – celebrating our 40th year reunion in South Bend (St. Joseph County, Indiana) while the opening ceremonies of the XXXth Olympiad are staged in London (not Indiana, but in the United Kingdom, not the Magic Kingdom).

Despite my logistics issues, it is fortunate for me to be in the comfort of a new home in the university town of Bloomington, Indiana, in a community known locally as Redbud Hills Estates and known internationally as The Holiday Corporation.

I have no pictures to share now but if you get here on Moores Pike at 2:00 pm EDT Saturday, July 28, 2012, you can partake in our designer’s showcase open house. There are about 200 other residents in Redbud Hills and most are NOT graduates like me of Indiana University, Bloomington.

Our campus classes resume on Monday, August 20th. Thus this gives me only about another three weeks to “get my shit together” before I start my studies, research and writings for a PhD in the School of Public Health, Division of Parks and Recreation, with a specialty in Leisure Behavior.

Funny how my career has developed into this…

Imagine a 1976 Indiana University graduate who was once in pre-med studies and received my bachelor’s degree in the School of Arts & Sciences, majoring in Physiological Psychology with a double minor in Chemistry and Biology.

My dissertation is already written in my head.

Don’t ask me yet what it is about… you will spoil the surprise!

Just believe that my research associates and I are “charting new ground, going where no other humans have been (sort of like traveling on the Star Trek USS Enterprise).

By the way, go U.S.A.!

After London, my associates are being rewarded with a trip to the 31st Summer Olympiad in Rio De Janero, Brazil, in July 2016. Aloha!



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