What Are They Thinking and Doing About It? Public Health in Bloomington, Indiana

This wondrous college town has a high-profiled medical services system entitled, “I.U. Health”. Even without knowing how many facilities they operate (there may be 80 buildings scattered around Monroe County), how many medical and support practitioners they employ (who are compensated lower than most US geographical areas), how much they spend on TV and print media advertising, how many clients and patients they have served (not to mention their success/recovery rates), or what the best physical and mental health treatments and protocols are – I am appalled with what I have witnessed during the last six months.

Permit me to digress . . .

Politics seems to have something to do with it. On the face of it, in my humble independent Green Party opinion, Southern Indiana is becoming more like Kentucky.

It is likely that by November 8th, Indiana will have elected two ultra-conservative Republican U.S. Senators (just like those two male senior citizens from KY). Senator Dick Lugar’s seat (I am rooting for the underdog Joe Donnelly, D-Congressman) maybe taken by an unqualified fellow who prides himself of being non-compromising.

Enemy #1 – Viruses – People in line for flu shots

Recently, my alma mater renamed their school of health, physical education, and recreation to the I.U. School of Public Health.

A name change really means little in terms of positive developments and it’s title, voted upon by the Indiana State Legislature, de-emphasizes the values of physical fitness, kinesiology, recreation, park management, ecology, and global tourism.

In a recent statement to the Indiana Daily Student and Bloomington Herald-Times newspapers, the school leadership was quoted about how Indiana ranks in the lower 10 states in terms of public health criteria. This is not necessarily a reflection of poor safety and health education level but the choices people have made in addition to their genetic predispositions.

In the Herald-Times, fraternal club meeting lists include more than 10 Alcoholic Anonymous groups meeting weekly in this college town. Just look around – how many local citizens don’t even bother going to AA meetings. A national magazine has recently rated I.U. as one of the Top 10 roudyest college campuses in the country.

Are college professors to blame for their student’s questionable behavior? What responsibility would the School of Public Health have regarding any student’s, local resident’s, or another adult within the State of Indiana’s addiction?

I don’t think so.

Rather I urge my alma mater to think globally has they prepare public health professionals during college years for professional and volunteer positions across the United States and around the world. It appears like I am too old and too far an outsider to help make a difference. Professor, it is up to YOU to do so!

Oh Help Us God!

Furthermore, “I.U. Health” please improve your professional services. During the last six months, I have been in your Bloomington Hospital over a dozen times – as either a patient or a visitor – and at least half the time, much has been lacking.

In the Herald-Times, the CEO of I.U. Health Bloomington “was praising” his organization’s #16 (#8 in the specialty practice of urology – “big deal” for women, too) annual ranking.

Come on now! You have got to be kidding… this was not #11 in the United States, but #11 in the state! The same formerly great state of Indiana that ranks 46th out of 50 states in public health.

As a graduate of I.U., having studied the arts, sciences, safety management, and health education, I am very embarrassed. “I.U. Health” should change their name . . . sort of like the way the I.U. School of HPER did.

At stake are many potentially healthy lives and family well-being. Today there are hundreds or thousands of what we refer to in the San Francisco Bay Area as “walking wounded” on the streets of this beautiful small city. Mental and physical health service options for those in-need are so scarce.

An irony that Indiana University has a world-class medical school yet it yields a local and state reality like this – of substandard medical care – really gets me sick.


copyright 2012 – D.A.D. Publishing & Associates


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