OMG Another Hit in B-ton Indiana

American Society Needs to Combat the Underlying, Unreasonable Factors of Living in Home-Transition

     Families and individuals become homeless from a wide arrange of circumstances yet a popular opinion within the United States is there is something truly wrong with these people.

Reverend Forrest Gilmore, pastoral director of Bloomington Indiana’s Shalom Community Center, perhaps has said it best after a piece of sensationally poor journalism was published.

“I am especially saddened to see this stereotyping (homeless people as criminals) only reinforced by the article linking crime and homelessness that appeared in the Sunday Bloomington Herald/Hoosier Times (August 2012).”

This article should have been titled referring to the manner and how that the local  police has been responding within the community. All of the statistics referenced in the articles were concerning ‘police bookings.’

Does not American justice require that one not become guilty until the trial has been conducted?

Oh my God. There were conclusions made based upon unproven facts.


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