Bright, Brisk, Bold, and Blind

Dateline: Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yes, we are color blind today. The green team has invaded the red team’s annual home-coming weekend. Fortunately, some men cannot decipher the difference of red or green.

Thus, all we need is a fairly played football game and a single winner.

Fans and non-fans were up early in B-ton. Most were wearing crimson red sweatshirts. Even though the game starts at noon, the temperature is less than 55 degrees, the wind is 5-20 MPH, and it is mostly sunny with high clouds.

Someday, we’ll make it. Up above it all. Looking down daily for a homecoming of sorts if we want or even care to.

But for today, we root for the Hoozurs (Hoosiers). Go I.U. Fight, Fight, Fight!

Last year on the other side of the northern state line, the Michigan State University Spartans outscored the Cream and Crimson 55 to 3. None of that nonsense today in B-ton for this sunny homecoming weekend.

Michigan State Maybe Investigated by the FBI for Crimes Commited in Indiana

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