Reigning Blue & Gold in Northern Indiana

Today, Stanford University bleeds cardinal red.

It was raining hard during the start of the Stanford-ND game in The Bend. This is only the second game between the two that I have missed in the last five years.

The rain made for a sloppy game. Notre Dame muffed so many hikes – including one that screwed up a field goal. Footballs were bouncing like basketballs without air. Players were sliding like they were playing baseball. The lead team threw two interceptions during the first half alone.

Fortunately, for me I did not make it to the tailgate party near the foot of “Touchdown Jesus” at Notre Dame Stadium.

Instead, I find myself in the comfort of the Upstairs Pub in Bloomington, Southern Indiana – dry, except for a wet bar – prior to an Indiana U. – Ohio State football game*.

My family has had season tickets at ND since 1930 – that is 82 years. Although I am missing the thrills of being there in-person, I can remember how the different seasonal elements make sitting through four quarters can make the body feel so uncomfortable. The wet, cold, snow, rain, blazing sunshine and heat – or what have you – can beat someone up as much as a loss on the gridiron.

By the way, Stanford beat the “Fighting” Irish** during the first half 10 to 3.

My mother and her friends used to throw the best pre-game tailgates followed by super dinners inside elegant homes – win or lose.  Saturdays were always winning times around Notre Dame.

Hence a home team victory or not, Football Saturdays are filled with many holy, sacred, and joyous moments around The (South) Bend.


*  Indiana lost 52-49 in Southern Indiana against #8-ranked OSU.

** The Irish pulled the win out in overtime 20-13.

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