Lies and Hoosiers Looking for Tips – Only 1.1 Million Years Working at Minimum Wage in Order to Save Up and Buy a Decent Home

Repub. Mitt Romney says he can create 12,000.000 jobs in five years. This is no big deal for at least two reasons.

Republican Governor-Wannabee Pence is playing his own game of hocus-pocus with Hoosier State voters.

Imagine getting a 10% break on your state income taxes. Is it true that 10% of zero is nothing?

Rep. Governor Candidate and current Indiana Congressman Michael Pence brags about his “road map” for the state. Under such proposals one out of ten dollars state revenue will not be available for education, public health, prisons, highways, and the list goes on and on. No details are offered on TV. Media is the main source of information about candidates and issues unless you have the resources, time, and can go on-line and read it off the Internet. How practical is that?  Ehh? Practicality is essential in common sense.

Pence’s TV ads are slick and show him driving by himself a new red pick-up gas guzzler. The ads extol his virtues as a father but don’t mention of his record of (or lack of) achievement while serving many terms in Congress… the same Mike Pence who voted down the federal equal pay for equal work act is saying that in his state program jobs shall be created.

I ask, create low paying employment at what cost to the disadvantaged and single mothers?

Where is the morality and common sense in Mike Pence’s positions?

The reality is that too many Americans are underemployed, working at the state minimum wage, are not receiving employee benefits, and are just plain unemployed. Unemployment among the disabled exceeds 70%.

What are two reasons why Romney’s jobs plan is bogus? Most of the jobs created will be at levels near the U.S. minimum wage. What does $7.25 per hour buy? Secondly, analysts have already speculated that twelve million jobs would be created no matter who was elected president. Economics follows a rhythm that I don’t understand either.

Within the service industry, management has reduced wages since some workers receive tips. What is $2.15 worth nowadays?  If tipping is sub-par, employees end up at the end of the day making less than the minimum. Many employers choose not to follow the federal law requiring them to make up the difference to $7.25.

Show the 99% the Aloha Spirit

Plan Ahead of Santa Monica published a list of prevailing gratuities. Where they picked up this data I do not know. I am looking for the common sense and keep finding inequalities and misinformation.

For example, a hair stylist gets $2.00 to $3.00 yet tips to a “hair stylist” are 15 to 20%.

Imagine having a shoe shine of the finest imported leather and very expensive shoes. Later only offering the man a one or two buck tip. He’ll clean the mud off your boots and get a shitty tip in return.

Just take advantage of the guys who get all soapy and wet on account that you like a pristine looking car and only tipping the dudes two or three bucks.

It could be worse for those that are trying to get by working as airport skycaps, rest room attendants, and coat check girls.  According to this publisher, these occupations should only expect a dollar. Yes, a buck or maybe two for every heavy suitcase schlepped around the airport.

Bus boys and bus girls get even less respect. No tips should be expected at all. This publication states that it is OK to tip the busser up to two bucks if they have clean up a big mess.

Are parking valets merely being tipped $2 to $5 per car?!? Maybe the valets should offer tips to the sportscar owners for the privilege of driving, parking, and watching the security of their car.

Hotel housekeepers should receive 2 to 5 dollars each night. Right… Oh sure… most housekeepers find tipping rare.

A hotel room service attendant receives a tip of 15% of the bill? Not likely.

The best tips go to the wine steward, sommelier, who typically receives 15% of the value of the bottle. A great waiter or waitress at a popular restaurant, given following Plan Ahead’s advice, can make a decent living, too:

  • 15% of the dinner check to servers if the diners believe the service has been adequate
  • As much as 20% to cocktail and meal servers who give exceptional service.

The 99% in the USA need better financial backing than that being suggested by the Republican Party in this election. Lies and publicizing misinformation insults the intellegence of the Indiana electorate and voters in all 50 states. God save the presidency and help us elect better governors and public officials!.

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