Political Spin… I have had enough of Mike Pence’s, Richard Mourdock’s, and Romnesia/Ryan” Misleadings

. . .  and I wish the negative and misleading ads would cease, politicians would tell the truth, and fundraising would be minimized; but the spin goes on . . .

If their candidate changes the Republican position on issues, he is a ‘no-principaled flip-flopper.’

Or spin it and try to explain that the candidate’s views are ‘evolving.’

* * *


If the Republican is a hawk on military defense, he is ‘reckless.’

Or what he could have stated is that he’s keeping America safe.

* * *

If their candidate takes money from Super Political Action Committees (PACs), the republicans are ‘trying to buy the election.’

If the democrats use donations from Super PACs, the candidate is ‘trying to level the playing field.’

* * *

If Romney’s wife campaigns, it is because her husband cannot connect well with women.

If the candidate’s wife campaigns, it is because she ‘really energizes the crowd.’

= = = = =

courtesy of Mad magazine – October 2012 edition


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