Women in Mid-America Should Feel Outraged About the Republican’s Proposed Statehouse Leadership

I wish I understood women better.

Why would the ladies, and for that matter gentlemen who respect women, vote for Pence (R)? If you are not sure, check out these 10 reasons.


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Today, we have a lot of questions and a few answers…

Q: If my mother was alive, wouldn’t she recognize that middle America and the entire country needs “Common Sense Leadership?”

Q: Are not moderate Mid-America government principles and laws are most desirable?

Q: Does the past and proposed actions of the Tea Party promote fear?

Q: Before you vote, would you please check out the Indiana Women Against Governor-Candidate Mike Pence web-blog?

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Q: Who should Hoosiers vote for?

A: John Gregg for Indiana Governor

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Q: Over the years many people tell others prior to a national election to ask themselves, “Are you better off than you were four year ago?”

A: The old conventional wisdom was that this one question would determine which candidate would win your vote.

A: That was then, this is now. Life is no simpler (although tasks may be easier).

Q: I beg you that this year a more appropriate question would be, “Which candidate’s platform, past efforts, leadership skills, and integrity can help you the most during the next four years?”



A: Governors and Presidents function sort of like State and Federal “CEOs”

Q: Is it better to vote for good state Governors (John Gregg) and a national President (Barack Obama)?

A: Yes, of course.

[Politicians keep saying that the 2012 elections are about jobs. Look what Romney’s Bain Capital has done and look what Congressman Mike Pence has never done.]

Q: Are “common sense-Americans” (these are citizens with common sense) going to endorse this with a vote for the wrong guys?

A: It remains to be seen.

A: Job creation (earning a living paycheck above the minimum wage) and job in-sourcing within America is what is really needed!

A: Within mid-America is Indiana. John Gregg (D) has a superior performance record compared to Mike Pence (R).

A: After almost 12 years in Congress, Pence has never sponsored a bill that became law. Throughout Gregg’s public career, John has championed bipartisan projects.



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