UND’s Encore to a 12-1 Regular Season #1 Ranking (Notre Dame football’s first in 24 Years)

Date Opponent / Event Location Time / Result
08/31/13 vs. Temple TV Notre Dame, Ind. TBA
09/07/13 at Michigan TV Ann Arbor, Mich. TBA
09/14/13 at Purdue TV West Lafayette, Ind. TBA
09/21/13 vs. Michigan State TV Notre Dame, Ind. TBA
09/28/13 vs. Oklahoma TV Notre Dame, Ind. TBA
10/05/13 vs. Arizona State TV Arlington, Texas TBA
10/19/13 vs. USC TV Notre Dame, Ind. TBA
10/26/13 at Air Force TV USAFA, Colo. TBA
11/02/13 vs. Navy TV Notre Dame, Ind. TBA
11/09/13 at Pittsburgh TV Pittsburgh, Pa. TBA
11/23/13 vs. BYU TV Notre Dame, Ind. TBA
11/30/13 at Stanford TV Stanford, Calif. TBA


Heisman Trophy

Indiana (not U of M, D. U., Lewville, ‘Zona, The OH St. U.) is #1

As reported in ESPN Web-Blog:

for: Indiana ( written by Eamonn Brennan ) as the best basketball team in the USA –

If you’re strictly comparing résumés, then sure, you can make the case for others — Duke in particular. Thus far, the Hoosiers’ schedule doesn’t stack up to really any of their elite companions save for (maybe) Michigan and Syracuse.

Their (Indiana University) nonconference schedule was never great to begin with, and it has only looked worse and worse as Georgetown has struggled and North Carolina has trended more and more toward missing the NCAA tournament.

I U 2012-13 Number One Team

IU’s loss, a neutral-court defeat to Butler, (what? Indianapolis is NOT a neutral-court)  is not as impressive (so to speak) as that of Duke, which lost to a good NC State team on the road with injuries to both Ryan Kelly and Seth Curry.

But I do think you can make the case that Indiana is the nation’s best team, or at least its most versatile — unique among the nation’s elite in its number of stars, its balance and its ability to score in bunches and defend all over the floor.

We saw that at Assembly Hall on Saturday in the last 10 minutes of the first half, in which the Hoosiers played the best basketball we’ve seen all season (and some of the best basketball you will ever see) in taking a 52-29 halftime lead over No. 8 Minnesota. IU still has plenty of kinks to work out, and if you’re only interested in comparing CVs, you’d still probably take Duke.

But if we’re talking about the real-deal best team in the country?

Indiana is chief among that discussion.


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Mom’s Wisdom of (the U.) Notre Dame

Dateline: January 7, 2013

(Miami) Mom had an interesting perspective about UND having lived her entire life (1925-1994) around campus. My Grandpa graduated from ND in 1923 and his father-in-law was an early football team supporter in the 1910s and 1920s. Furthermore, she married the professor in 1974. So she should know.

Roof Sign on Campus
Roof Sign on Campus

The last football game Mom ever saw in-person was with me sitting to her right. Lou Holtz’ 1993 squad was undefeated with their last game at home versus Boston College. To make a long story short, the Eagles drove down the field during the last minute and wrecked what could have been an undefeated, national championship season with a field goal to win 39-38.

Mom was very wise.

She whispered to me that losing was for the best. Why?

“Notre Damers are so full of themselves.” The parallels to this 2012 season are similar. After some quick success, ‘domers’ have reacquired the attitudes we observed in the 1990s. No wonder there remain many ‘Notre Dame haters’ around.

Our Lady’s Son was humble. Domers and Crimson Tide supporters would do well to perfect their sportsmanship and humility.

Thus, there are some things good and Godly about losing 0-28 to Alabama at halftime.

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For tonight’s BCS Title Game make Florida orange juice cocktails or drink green beer (just add no more than a half drop of green food coloring in a 20 ounce lager), and serve pork bellies, corn on the cob, and root (for ol’ Notre Dame) crops grown in Indiana. Wear red undies – it would be OK to crap as necessary.

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If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead.  

 ~ Erma Bombeck


     Winter foods that warm hungry bellies are hot orders. Football playoffs need great food that will make get-togethers memorable for non-sports fans, too.


     Some of my favorites are Hungarian goulash and American chicken prepared with blue cheese.


Aunt Ann’s Guylas (Hungarian Goulash)

     My mothers godfather’s wife was a terrific Hungarian cook. One thing that became a staple before Notre Dame Football games was lunch at Judge Nihkos’ with a big pot of Hungarian Goulash. I wonder if Ann ever poured some dry red wine into it? It will take more than three hours to make this but it is worth it:

  1. Brown the beef stew meat.
  2. Melt butter over a medium heat.
  3. Sauté onions.
  4. Pour in some beef stock.
  5. Add spices like paprika, garlic…

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Hoosier Tailgate Party for Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fans Before thee National Championship Game

Things are getting in order for the pre-game party for the University of Notre Dame  – University of Alabama BCS Title Game.

The tailgate party is in Indiana although thee game is being staged in South Florida.


Touchdown Irish!(in game vs. the reigning Rose Bowl Champs)
Touchdown Irish!
(in game vs. the reigning Rose Bowl Champs)


dadailey@yahoo.com by 6:30 p.m. EST

(game time = 8:30)

aWaKeN from a BaD DrEaM

Dario Franchetti Takes Turn 1 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval
Dario Franchetti Takes Turn 1 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Oval

It is very early in the cold January morning.  Oh my!  Just thinking about what could have been a bad dream or some other sleepless moment:  Death statistic  / hit by Prius, Flex-Chevy,  or Hybrid Ford Explorer Why?!? I never heard the motor vehicle coming my way.  Perhaps there is an Indiana Motor Vehicle Code requiring cars driving faster than 60 miles an hour “roar” as loud as an Indy open-wheeled racer. = = = = =copyright MMXIIID. A. D. & Associates[ for musement only ]

Every American willing to work hard should be offered a living wage!

Buck At Home In Nor Cali

Imagine that employers by offering a “living wage” ($12.25 to 14.00/hour), many Americans could be lifted out of poverty.

This sounds good does it not? This is encouraging news on this Thankgiving Eve ’12.

A new study released by the progressive think tank Demos on Monday estimated that if retail workers were given a living wage, hundreds of thousands of Americans would be lifted out of poverty and the wage boost would significantly bolster the economy. *

The study began by assuming a new “price floor” for retail workers at America’s largest retailers — amounting to a 27 percent pay raise for those workers. If companies that employed at least 1,000 workers paid them a living wage of just $25,000 for full-time, year-round work, more than 700,000 Americans would make their way out of poverty and an additional 700,000 would move up near poverty. In all, the wage boost would…

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