Mom’s Wisdom of (the U.) Notre Dame

Dateline: January 7, 2013

(Miami) Mom had an interesting perspective about UND having lived her entire life (1925-1994) around campus. My Grandpa graduated from ND in 1923 and his father-in-law was an early football team supporter in the 1910s and 1920s. Furthermore, she married the professor in 1974. So she should know.

Roof Sign on Campus
Roof Sign on Campus

The last football game Mom ever saw in-person was with me sitting to her right. Lou Holtz’ 1993 squad was undefeated with their last game at home versus Boston College. To make a long story short, the Eagles drove down the field during the last minute and wrecked what could have been an undefeated, national championship season with a field goal to win 39-38.

Mom was very wise.

She whispered to me that losing was for the best. Why?

“Notre Damers are so full of themselves.” The parallels to this 2012 season are similar. After some quick success, ‘domers’ have reacquired the attitudes we observed in the 1990s. No wonder there remain many ‘Notre Dame haters’ around.

Our Lady’s Son was humble. Domers and Crimson Tide supporters would do well to perfect their sportsmanship and humility.

Thus, there are some things good and Godly about losing 0-28 to Alabama at halftime.

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