Indiana (not U of M, D. U., Lewville, ‘Zona, The OH St. U.) is #1

As reported in ESPN Web-Blog:

for: Indiana ( written by Eamonn Brennan ) as the best basketball team in the USA –

If you’re strictly comparing résumés, then sure, you can make the case for others — Duke in particular. Thus far, the Hoosiers’ schedule doesn’t stack up to really any of their elite companions save for (maybe) Michigan and Syracuse.

Their (Indiana University) nonconference schedule was never great to begin with, and it has only looked worse and worse as Georgetown has struggled and North Carolina has trended more and more toward missing the NCAA tournament.

I U 2012-13 Number One Team

IU’s loss, a neutral-court defeat to Butler, (what? Indianapolis is NOT a neutral-court)  is not as impressive (so to speak) as that of Duke, which lost to a good NC State team on the road with injuries to both Ryan Kelly and Seth Curry.

But I do think you can make the case that Indiana is the nation’s best team, or at least its most versatile — unique among the nation’s elite in its number of stars, its balance and its ability to score in bunches and defend all over the floor.

We saw that at Assembly Hall on Saturday in the last 10 minutes of the first half, in which the Hoosiers played the best basketball we’ve seen all season (and some of the best basketball you will ever see) in taking a 52-29 halftime lead over No. 8 Minnesota. IU still has plenty of kinks to work out, and if you’re only interested in comparing CVs, you’d still probably take Duke.

But if we’re talking about the real-deal best team in the country?

Indiana is chief among that discussion.


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