The (Indiana) State of Public Health is Well NOT

 Reference: March 2013 Issue

I nearly puked when I read this article quoting  both an ’07 I.U. grad and affirmative action administrator. absurd that domestic violence is a prime index of public health and wellbeing!?!

By “Obama Care standards”, Indiana ranks in the bottom 10% of all the United States. Ironic that I.U. has a School of Public Health and has another Republican administration after eight (8) dire years under the direction of Governor Daniel Mitchell (now the University President of Purdue, West Laughalot, Indiana)!!!

The immediate future – two months, three years – looks bleak considering the talents and predisposition of “red-state governor” Mike Pence. His accomplishments as a long-term congressman indicate that nothing will get done to benefit those in need of healthcare (medical, mental, dental, physical fitness, rehabilitation, holistic health, etc.) during his first term inside Indianapolis.

Not even a 2013 Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship or a 2012 Men’s NCAA Soccer Championship can save the mental health and physical strength of millions of Hoosiers and visitors to the world-class medical centers in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Logansport, Paoli, Muncie, and Indianapolis.

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