Nothing Against Women

I may be a native Hoosier, but I ain’t got nothing against women.

Just because I am involved in three lawsuits involving females is no indication that I could be a “woman-hater.” In fact, I have a wonderful 30 year-old daughter, fifty-something ex, and no dating girlfriends to speak of…

I was raised well by my Mom and Grandma. I have nothing more than great respect for all women no matter what kind of education, personal history, health problems, driving disabilities, gender orientation, dietary preferences, poor application of make-up, shoe size, or amount of money they have in their wallet.

Regardless, when one objectively looks at my professional and legal history – there is no doubt that it has been women causing the problems and not being able to handle making reasonable solutions. Thus, in such cases the women should be held responsible in a court of law for their wrongdoings.

Enough said for now.

May God help us and save the sanity of our Country.

I have recently thought many times lately that I can not spend a dollar in this town without a woman saying that it is OK. Oh Lord have mercy on us all!

 = = = =

copyright MMXIII

Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas, LLC

[ for musement only ]


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