Wandervogel Diary

Comforting Boy

In this time since my stroke, I have been devoting considerable time and attention to the meaning of life. You may be disappointed in my landing-place, maybe not, but I think it boils down to two things in the end: survival and compassion.

Why do some people make it and others don’t? Why are some people happy and others are not?

We are fascinated by people who die young. We hold them up as gods. Flying aces and rock stars who die in their 20s. Composers and movie stars who die in their 30s. My own wife died in her 40s. They all died before they made mistakes, filled their rooms with methane, and became failures by conventional ways of thinking. They died before they were fully tested and really lived. They died with success at their fingertips and potential at the tips of their tongues.

Compassion–Ahimsa in Hinduism,

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