How Things are Going to Get Better (First in a Series “Stop the Stigma of Mental Health”)

Take Care – Unable to cope with fear? (‘De-arm’ it)

Reality checks aren’t working. (Don’t take self so seriously)

Here are a few more half-humored ideas of how to cope in this modern ‘rat race.’

  •  Feeling like being treated like a child? (Suggest to those treating you poorly that they take a course in Transactional Analysis)

  • Are you still having issues arising with lack of self-control. (Put yourself on a positive reward system when able to show self-control)

  • Unable to let-go of stuff that one really has no-control about?(Try harder; Use a distraction; Find new interests; Set priorities; Quit fussing; Get help)



Bummer: No time and place to “take a mental health day.”

Another Bummer = Frustration. (Avoid prosecution of self and others)


  • Feeling betrayed by someone who was trusted? (Polite confrontation is a prompt good reaction; Write a letter and never send it)

  • Just can’t arrange to leave work early to reduce your stress level? (Come in early or late or take longer breaks)

  • Late for meetings. (set an alarm; find a surrogate)

  • Hearing a lot of yelling – Smelling a lot of poop – Seeing tragedy? (Oh man, trauma. I cannot handle it either.)

  • Can’t rely on any supporter to relate to own feelings? (bribe a friend to see your point of view)

  • Finding that being very forgetful is frequent feeling? (there are some new drugs on the market for this)

  • Finding that many people are being offended by your behavior? (They should know what they can do/where they can go if they don’t like you)

  • Can’t find any better friends? (May be you are hanging out in the wrong places?)

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first in a series of “Remove the Stigma of Mental Health” articles

copyright 2013 – Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC

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