Things Are Able To Get Better – Cool It – Mental Healthcare Stigma (5th in a series)

stigma careOvergeneralizing and jumping to conclusions are invalid.

Education and experience lead to better treatment and mental health diagnostics. Get real, take action to cool the stigma.

  • Why all the misplaced public focus on misfortunes that happened on the other side of Earth?
  • What is the point about anxiety about a pending US Federal Reserve meeting?
  • Why focus on what movie or music celebrities did not do?

Recognition of mental distress onset and ideas for healthy living are suggested. Issues are listed below with some practical ideas and silly solutions (in parenthesis):

Unable to avoid ‘triggers’ that tend to lead to mental health distress? (Don’t resort to violence; Cool It; Try some relaxation techniques)

Being obsessed with things? (Snap out of it; Refocus)

Unable to let-go of stuff that one really has no-control about? (Try harder; Use a mind distraction; Find new interests; Set priorities; Quit fussing; Get help; “Take a mental health day.”)

Finding that being very forgetful is frequent feeling? (There are some new drugs on the market for this; Use some techniques like writing lists or setting alarms)

Finding that many people are being offended by your behavior? (They know what they can do if they don’t like you; This can indicate that you have aberrant behavior)

Can’t find any better friends? (May be hanging out in the wrong places)

For the wellbeing of millions and billions of people, the stigma associated with mental health care must be eliminated. The bias against those diagnosed with mental health conditions is much like racism.

Ignorance, misplaced pride, lack of understanding, and unfounded fear are some of the reasons a negative view exists towards mental health care. Mental illness will not go away on its own. Concerted action is necessary.

Its stigma will also not go away without effort.

As with physical illnesses, early detection and access to treatment is very important. The stigma prevents people from seeking the health care they need or assurance that what they are feeling is indeed normal.

The core of the English word disabled is abled. Those mentally disabled are capable people in many respects.

Respect of others is the common-ground all humans share.

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