Advocate for Human Rights in the USA – Be Like Joyce

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Only Rhode Island and Connecticut have passed a “Homeless Bill of Rights.” John Joyce is an American role model.

Many are homeless as a result of economic hardship, a shortage of safe, affordable housing, and a shrinking social safety net

 “All free governments are instituted for the protection, safety, and happiness of the people. All laws, therefore, should be made for the good of the whole; and the burdens of the state ought to be fairly distributed among its citizens. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied equal protection of the laws.

Concordant with this fundamental belief, no person should suffer unnecessarily or be subject to unfair discrimination based on his or her homeless status. It is the intent of this chapter to ameliorate the adverse effects visited upon individuals and our communities when the state’s residents lack…

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