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( – Ignorance – “Remove Mental Health Care Stigma”)

Running into too many things [triggers*] that lead to bad results? (Suggestion: Don’t subject yourself to those hazardous environments.

[Think of environments be they


that lead to bad, undesirable stuff happening.]

stigma expose it

Another Suggestion: Rework and revise a personal W.R.A.P.)

Most have benefited from journaling a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (W. R. A. P.). Part of this covenant to thyself lists personal early warning signs and action plan ideas.

* A “Trigger” is a person, place, thing, incident

that leads to stress that may be

harmful to thy mental health.

The issues and listed below with some practical and silly solutions (in parenthesis):

  • Noticing a constant failure and no success? (Get advice from an expert; Step back and be more objective; Learn from any mistakes; Have a sense of humor; Don’t “beat yourself up” over it.)

  • Too many sleepless nights…

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