Jake, Dawg & Dog Premier

“Jake, Dawg and Dog”

(featuring Ebony Jake Joffey, Irish Catholic Buck Dailey, and Callie the Pure-Bred Bitch)

Their open-mic performance must be
postponed from 11-11-2013
until a future Monday evening in Old Town Chicago
at Zanies’ Comedy Club located along North Wells Street
near North Avenue’s Peet’s Coffee and Tea Shop.

Hope your Veterans’ Day Holiday Weekend is OK!

2 thoughts on “Jake, Dawg & Dog Premier

  1. 4 minutes ago – SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2013

    what a tragedy…

    Jake gets picked up by the CITY OF EAST PALO ALTO PO-LICE
    at 5:05 p.m. PST (for no good reason). From 1898 Bay Road by 5 (five) officers and Nadal the K-9 dog who does not know tennis!

    Go figure… we should have been in Chicago 2 days ago…

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