Camelot Plus 50 Fricking Years

JFK’s assassination was the beginning of an American tailspin in politics and free government.

50 years ago, American political life went the wrong direction:
Skepticism, negativity, fraudulent behavior, wars, classic struggles,
ideological bi-polarizm, retreat from Camelot, racism and discrimination,
The Warren Report, Chicago Cubs can’t win, reactionary Republicanism,
Nazi-idolatry, child abuse, husband abuse, sodomy in the suburbs, car wrecks,
train wrecks, plane crashes, hijacking cars and planes, Woody Hayes-ism,
AIDS/HIV, Reaganomics, Baby Bush as the second Bush Family president,
etc, etc, etc.


50 years ago American skepticism was reborn:

Cold War,
Suspicion of bureaucrats,
Distrusting anyone over 30 (this now is anyone over 80 yrs. old),
Stupid politicians,
U.S. Senate Democrats,
Rude and Rotten Republicans,
Big banks and financial institutions,
LA Dodgers and Laker Girls,
East Palo Alto policemen,
City of Menlo Transit Police,
Tesla Motors Company,
Ford Motor Company,
California Department of Public Health,
California’s current Attorney General Kamela Harris,
We need to progress now or repeat the bad parts of contemporary United States history.

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