Don’t Believe the Rumors and Spread the Stigma [This is #6 in the Series – “Remove the Stigma from Mental Health”]

More recently, the author wrote an essay about preventing premature death, particularly with young adults. By removing the negativity and stigma of receiving mental health care, teenage suicides are more likely to be prevented.

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What is a problem?

Marginalizing innocent people.


A stigma (about people receiving mental health care) just makes the problems worse.

This approach applies to USA terrorism and potential gun controls, too.

Encourage others to take a better view of the mental health issues and consequences:

ignorance, and
serious illness.

     As demonstrated during the aftermath of mass shootings over the weekend of August 2, 2019, violence is a learned behavior, not a direct result of mental illness.

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Embarrassment is only a minor consequence. Don’t be quick to judge what is normal.

dorothy and alice
A poor perspective could lead to:

(1) a person not getting mental healthcare or

(2) denying a patient’s opportunities, freedom, and rights.

Start looking at mental health this way:

Give those with a mental health diagnosis credit for recognizing their issues and

seeking help.

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