Buy Books This Cyber-Christmastime

These are the first two books I published… and they are still available from the publisher, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other cyber-booksellers.

Merry Christmastime!

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Two ideas for humorous titles this gift-giving season:

Lessons Learned From Dogs

lessons learned from dogs

Confessions of An Oenophile – An American Family Cookbook

Dining should be a delicious adventure and cooking ought to be enjoyable. Sonoma Wine Country, California, humorous author David A. Dailey has been enjoying preparing and eating family recipes for over a half century.

With about 40 years wine drinking experience, he has embellished his mother, grandmother, and family friends’ main course recipes with wine – and good varieties of California grown wine.

One of the more important ingredients needed for cooking successes is humor. A sense of delightful comedy can not only make preparing meals enjoyable but most of the time, results in a delicious meal.

The recipes are family-tested within the Dailey extended family. Ingredients are easy to find throughout the United States. Each menu item will make almost any cook popular with the adult…

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