Hoosier Town Getting Mini-Oreo Cookies

Mauckport, Indiana — population 81 — has been chosen by Oreo as one of the country’s best-kept tiny secrets as part of its Small Town America campaign.

As a prize, Oreo Minis will be delivered to every household next week (there are 36 households in Mauckport, according to the latest U.S. Census Data).

“Well, isn’t that something else?” said Judy Kingsley, a cook at the Riverbottom Inn, the only business left in town. It’s a tavern and restaurant that serves hometown cooked food.

Kingsley was delighted to hear Mauckport, situated along the Ohio River, was getting some positive recognition. Mauckport used to be a thriving river town with upwards of 400 residents at the turn of the previous century.

Then, in 1937, it was hit by the massive Ohio River flood with damage stretching from Pittsburgh to Cairo, Ill.

One million people were left homeless, with 385 dead and property losses reached $500 million. Because the disaster happened during the Great Depression, federal and state resources were strained to aid recovery.

Mauckport started on a decline then, said Bob Crosier, president of the town board who has lived there since 1962.

“It’s never come back,” he said. Crosier guesses that 81 population number is even less today.

There are no grocery stores. No gas stations.

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