Wild MLB Playoff Loses Me at One Game

Did you see the San Francisco Giants’ “Mad Bum” shutout the dreaded Pirates 8 to nothing?!?

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Dateline: 3 Rivers (PA) KC (MO) –

Can’t major league baseball make best of odd-game series out of a single ‘wild card’ play-in game for each league?!?

The present system is worse than 1969.


Some of us fell asleep during the American League’s 12 inning game but would like to see more and fair determination of the better team with a five-game (or at least a best of 3) series. To be fair about it, after playing 162 games to leave it up to one pitch and one hit to determine who deserves to participate in the World Series seems strange.

Check out USA Today’s recap of what might have been the Kansas City Royals “achievement game of the year.” The A’s also played good enough to win (almost).


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