Suicide Prevention and Controlling the Early Onset of Death

Early Onset of Death & Suicide Prevention
with a Special Emphasis for Children and Young Adults

Points To Consider:
1. Suicide, as well as other terminal physical and mental illnesses, can be prevented.
2. It is usually not beneficial to determine “fault” when someone dies; rather we could react in a more beneficial, compassionate, medical and scientific, and responsible manner(s).
3. Taking One’s Own Life Is Often a Sign of Illness (Therefore, suicide would not mean eternal damnation).
4. There is a broad stigma against receiving mental health care throughout the United States. Furthermore, often restrictive insurance rules work against receiving assistance or coverage for mental health care services or medication.
5. How much can an individual actually understand about their dire situation or that of a loved one?

For instance throughout Northern California there is a stigma and many misunderstandings and great anger toward homeless people – both adults and children. Those homeless are often forced into a less-than-human lifestyle. Granted, there are some men and women who elect to be homeless.
Many who do not understand homeless people, exhibit hatred, or stigmatize others may call them asses or other inappropriate names.

Reasons for choosing this homeless lifestyle may be as noble as to reduce their “carbon footprint” on the environment, reduce the level of stress and responsibilities, save money, or to hide from something in their past.


• Cal-Train / San Mateo Transit Agency / Southern Pacific Railroad MUST lead by taking immediate action.

• All transit police agencies – including Bay Area Rapid Transit police – need to act professionally and responsibly, as soon as possible.

• City of Menlo Park, City of San Mateo, City of Mountain View, Town of Atherton and other peace officers should get involved in a positive manner.

• The Sheriffs of Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco counties are elected to serve and protect the people. They MUST require the owners of the railroad properties where dead bodies have been found to follow all applicable laws and urge immediate engineering and administrative improvements

Handicapping the College Game – NCAA Football Saturday

Take the home team Hoosiers against the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Pick the Big10 Minnesota Golphers at home versus the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Can Oklahoma win at home?

Heisman Trophy

Can Purdue lose at home against ranked Wisconsin?

Can you imagine Duke losing on the road versus North Carolina State?

Stay tuned for late game picks…

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