Leslie M. Bodnar, M.D. (of South Bend)

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May 1916 – December 2014

Leslie M. Bodnar, M.D.

I received news that Uncle Les passed peacefully away Tuesday evening. Career and family achievements, not withstanding, he was really a great man. I wish I could be with family and friends this weekend to celebrate his life, but health and weather conditions will not permit.

Not many of us can expect to live past 98 years-old. Les did so in-style.

Of my parents’ friends, Uncle Les was a grand man. No matter who my Mom would marry, he was one of their best of friends. As all the nine Bodnars know, Aunt Peggy and Aunt Bunny shared great times and sorrows every week since May 1948 until Mom’s untimely death in the mid-90s.

To lose another godparent now is so sad. It is like the end of an era has passed. I pray that the dozen children left behind will continue the great friendships that our folks started.

Much more than the glory of Notre Dame football, the greatness of the Bodnars, Daileys, Bruggners, Kluessners, and Carberrys will live in our hearts and minds forever.

Most sincerely,

Buck Dailey, Godson