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I celebrate February 12th because it is the first day of the fortnight of Sigel, the rune of the sun, and (except for today) a harbinger of brighter and warmer days to come. But this is also the 206th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, America’s most beloved president.

When I was a kid growing up in Indiana, it seems to me we made a bigger deal about Lincoln’s birthday than is done today. According to one blog that tracks the holiday, in 1940 24 states and the District Of Columbia observed Lincoln’s Birthday, but today there are only four that still do: Illinois (“The Land of Lincoln” and his adopted home state), Connecticut, Missouri, and New York. Now, more states celebrate Black Friday (the shopping orgy the day after Thanksgiving) than Lincoln’s birthday.

Even after all this time, the idea of making February 12th a national holiday is still a tougher…

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