World Serious 2015 Odds Published for Pennant Winners This “Fat Tuesday” by D.A.D. in NV – For Either the La-La Land, Bronx-Queens, San Francisco Bay Bridge, and/or Chi-Town Title World Championship

Things we would love to live for . . .

but I would go to the movies for seven consecutive days than rather watch one live game of a La-La Land World Series 2015 . . .

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Dateline: Nevada

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[oddly subject to change Dailey]

Imagine if baseball was computerized, the owners might make more money, but the fans wouldn’t be treated to authentic American fun and folly. These games should be played with real humans in real time, right?

The odds (only $50 bets are acceptable):

Anaheim Angels (with or without Manager Mike S.)


L.A. (always the Brooklyn) Dodgers

  17 to 1

San Francisco Giants


The Oakland Athletics

  27 to 1

giants fan out clubbing

New York (Queens) Metropolitans


New York Yankees

31 to 1

Chicago White Hose


The Chicago Cubs Baseball Club of the National League

 9 to 1

 = = = = =

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