Looking for Producers – “Country Corner” Screenplays

Do you know of producers interested in a comedy series?

Call Bob or Dave at Country Corner: (650) 854-4260

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Cindy: Silly Alex.


Mike (Robert DiNiro) : David, where is a fresh pot of coffee?

David: Uncle Mike, I do not have one ready.

Mike: What!?! We are out up front. Don’t do ME like that!

 Stage lights out 


Stage lights on – Morning scene – Scene 2, Act I

Buck (Danny Glover) : Good day, Bob! How are you doing? Say would you explain something to me? Why do bad things happen to good people?

Bob (Bob Newhart or Joe Pesci) : I hear that a lot and we have many good people in this neighborhood. What are you going to do?

Buck: Pray and ask for mercy. Mercy, Lordy, Lordy! Lord have mercy!


Bob: Teddy! Hey, you little rascal!

Bob plays with Teddy the Bulldog behind the cash register stand

In walk the County street sweepers

Bob: Good morning, Carlos. Good morning, Mikey. How you…

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