Duh, ‘D I Don’t Know Dat, Doh!




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(Sun Chronicles – November 4, 2015) –

Charlie Chan, Buck, and Jimmy Crackcorn announced the beginning of the Occupy ____ movement throughout the San Francisco Peninsula today. In keeping with the neighborhood civic acumen, business climate and unchanging weather conditions, occupy camps will be moved weekly from announced and government-permitted locations. Some Occupy San Francisco Peninsula camps change daily.

As the Sam Trans 295 bus arrived into Menlo Park (population 331 homeless and no horses) at noon Wednesday, an organizer praised the contributions of 007 by providing professional transportation services to a community severely lacking good public transportation systems and safe female drivers of oversized sport utility motor vehicles (SUVs).

Q;  What rules did you break that caused your eviction from the Hotel deZink?

none; no rules broken.

Q:  What illness prevents your travel?  What treatments are you receiving?

nothing but a broken heart (looking for Anni to exit the mainland together from SFO rather than randomly meeting on the island… may be too awkward with the landlady around.) BTW, I got 9 M.D. Specialists at Palo Alto Medical Foundation that all practice in the same 4-story clinic, including my new Plastic Surgeon and Right-Knee Replacement Doctor.

Q;  What medicines are you taking?    Crikey, $2000 worth of meds is a wad of cash

nothing but pain-killers;

No multiple vitamins.

in addition to buzzerbeaters, I got some good muscle relaxers and nose spray.

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