30 Years Ago – Now Did USA Apply Acquired Knowledge? No.

The Challenger exploded due to O-Rings and a management culture at the National A. S. A. Not only did the astronauts die, the space program was placed on hold, and never recovered.
January 27, 1986: Remember this morning in CA well… working at Lockheed in Sunnyvale at the time… what a blow (pardon the pun) to our entire aerospace program. Hard to believe anything like it could ever happen again.
Not enough changes at NASA to really help. After working 1991-92 exclusively for NASA, came to the realization that the culture did not change enough in 6 years… 20 years later, NASA work has been minimized for better or worse.
Bring back the American spirit and more scientific space exploration.thanksgiving1910
We need to improve our marriage with NASA rather than abandon it.

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