Te’o Deserves This Year’s Heisman Trophy – Cheer, cheer for ‘ol Manti Te’O – To the Middle Linebacker of Undefeated Notre Dame

Manti Te’o – Heisman Candidate

Oct 7, 2012  [Note: this is a reprint of a short essay originally posted nine weeks ago]

This man is a sincere phenom within the family and brotherhood of the echos of the University of Notre Dame. On top of it he has excelled in his senior year studies and adapted to deep, deep emotional pain in his personal life. Imagine losing two close family member during the same week!

Te’o deserves the prestegious award more than any college quarterback considering (he has had more than one freshman season of success; rather Manti accomplished four (4) years of outstanding defensive, all the while being a key teammate despite the loss of life of his grandmother and close girlfriend during the same fourth week of this season.) everything.

It has been since 1949 that a defensive player (by the way Notre Dame’s Leon Hart started both as a split end on offense and a defensive lineman) has been selected as the best college football player of the year.

Te’o – A Model Sportsman

Notre Dame’s linebacker Monti Te’o may be the one.

Not only did his squad that he captains limit the opponents to 3 points, he had 10 solo tackles. Quite an effort by a student-athlete who recently has faced his share of adversity in his private life.

Against the University of Southern California during the last game of the regular season, Te’o anchored and captained ND’s “big-D.”

Nationwide, no single player accomplished forcing the number of turnover that often led to touchdowns and field goals by the Irish offensive unit.

Number 5, Manti Te'o lining up during the Fighting Irish's 22-13 win versus USC in LA
Number 5, Manti Te’o lining up during the Fighting Irish’s 22-13 win versus USC in LA

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