Look Who’s Guarding the Hen House

Dateline  Hooterville

Friday at 0930 hrs


   The barechested rooster with a messy crop sticks his head out of a silent hen house, granted in the middle of the morning on a typical workday.

   Teddy and I wave and the rooster never cock-a-doodle-dooze.

   Seems like the infant girl and her two year not sleep well, thus the Grandmother, Father, and Mother had sleeping issues of there own.

  [ to be continued later ]

We’re Hungry for Victory – A Sixth Mens’ Basketball National Championship!

 Flashback to 2002 – – –

     The Indiana Hurrying Hoosiers under the leadership of Coach Mike Davis surprise the world by advancing to “March Madness’ Final Four.”

  Flashback to 1987 – – –

    With the legendary Bob Night as coach, Indiana University wins its fifth national championship since the first one in 1940.

     Other championships were earned in 1953 (the year I was born), 1976 (the year I graduated from I.U. with the likes of Quinn Buckner, Tom Abernathy, Scott May [Big Ten Player of the Year], Bob Wilkerson, Jimmy Crews, Joe Kocy, Chris Spiek, Bob Crestani, Pat Walsh, Pete Peterson, and others), 1981 led by Isaah Thomas, and 1987.

    The 2011-2012 Tom Crean Team is good enough to win it all. Great coaching staff, good upperclassmen leadership, and phenomenal play by sophs and one very talented freshman #40!!!

     Go I.U. fight, fight, fight!!!

 = = = = = = = = =

copyright MMXII

Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC –  Woodside, Calif.

David A. Dailey Publishing –  Hooterville, Indiana

 [ for musement only ]

OMG Help Our Socioeconomic Conditions

The United States is still suffering the coldest, longest economic winter in decades.

This “pandemic winter storm” has been adversely affecting everyone’s’ lives. This is the worst Americans have experienced in over sixty years. California seems to go broke every summer. We are normally accustomed to winter changing into spring and then comes summer weather.

A genuine warming of our economy will arrive after technologists and savvy managers innovate, innovate, and innovate. Dan Dailey of Marathon, Texas, urges innovators to take lessons from Economist Joseph  Schumpeter, who coined the term “creative destruction” for a recession, and be very active like American farming families practiced during the slow winter growing season.

The realities have been frightening. Imagine, losing 30 to 50 % of your retirement fund value in a matter of days and weeks. Foreclosures have been a nightmare for millions since the winter of 2008-10 started early November first of 2008.

 The United States is in the middle of an economic dilemma. After eight years of the George W. Bush Administration, his country has spent over a year of Recession (it was not until November 2008 that the President used the “R-word” publically) and is faced with a looming Depression and huge federal spending deficit.

The Obama-Biden Administration gives citizens some hope of relief but it could take at least three years to reach an economic recovery. Depression may precede any recovery.

These truths were written during the extra-long winter of 2008-10. Twelve commandments necessary to consider in order rebuilding the American economy are postulated. Everyone, particularly business leaders, must take heart in each commandment.

After eight years, yes in only eight years of a Republican (“economically conservative”) executive branch of government, the U.S. has experienced a decline. New and recently elected political representatives are faced with a major challenge.

The American Financial Empire has crumbled. The global economy has fallen along with U.S. fortunes.

Wall Street companies are distrusted. Corporate executives have gotten fat with greed, misdeeds, and money.

International opinions of the U.S. are poor. The military-industrial complex has gone amuck. Americans are viewed overseas as ugly.

            Chinese culture and military might be able to overwhelm our economy during the next five years. American markets should consider protectionism in order to help prevent the “Rising of the Tail of the Yellow Dragon.” There is evidence that the Russians are already sharing intellectual property and defense secrets with the Red Chinese. There is evidence that the Red Chinese are spreading their propaganda into Africa.

Foreign investments and economic support have nearly vanished. Even the Russians and Chinese are feeling a pinch. This season has brought on a “deep freeze.” One Russian family in the tight-knit neighborhood of West Menlo Park, California, community is thinking of moving back to Europa.

Neighbor Shlomo is at wits-end with his personal investment portfolio. Many neighbors have lost large percentages of their retirement funds during the summer and fall months of 2008! The “little guys” have been caught in the middle of Corporate America’s misdeeds.

For every Bernie Madoff there are dozens of mini-madoffs with their ponzi schemes. This is another iceberg that has stopped the American economy from flowing.

It is criminal the way brokerage firms, reinsurers, banks and other financial institutions have behaved. Then the car manufacturing companies are failing and begging for federal aid.

The United States is already heavily in debt. As of Christmas 2008, the federal debt is approximately 7.150 zillion dollars. By April 2009, the annual trade deficit was over 11.5 trillion.

            Let us take a close look at these twelve “commandments” and figure out a better course of action.

The Twelve Commandments

  1. Thou shall rebuild and maintain a solid, concrete economic foundation.
  2. Practice transparency, honesty and ethics in all business dealings.
  3. Expect good government oversight and U.S. Treasury accountability.
  4. Establish a reputable and effective financial police.
  5. Re-welcome new responsible foreign investors.
  6. Inject “new liquid” into the U.S. economy that left off-shore during the last five years.
  7. Keep foreign capital invested in the U.S. by establishing a new solid economy that would be hard for them to leave.
  8. Create more confidence in any American investment.
  9. Income for new capital may be healthy and small, yet more solid and less risky!!
  10. Reduce the United States National Debt.
  11. Return back to ethics in Corporate America in order to restore the comeback of the international economy.
  12. Watch American consumers come back to “made in America” products to further solidify the new American economy.


Who first used the line, “Hope springs eternal?” Hope makes David’s top ten things in this world that The Lord Almighty has entrusted to mankind on Mother Earth.

Fear, selfishness, human pride, etc. – I am thinking that The Devil himself presents and embellishes among mankind. I get sick to my stomach just thinking about this stuff.

American forefathers founded the United States of America in-good-faith. On our currency it is written, “In God We Trust.”

Trust, fear, God, devilish influences, hate, resentment, greedy and selfish people; intangible factors in our world economy, public health, education systems, and on-and-on… When oh when is this long winter going to end? Human irony and ignorance may tickle us to death.

  To us, love is warmth. May we trust in God, that despite whatever, His love will continue to improve life on Earth for the sake of all God’s children. Amen.


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